10 Benefits Of Using a Yoga Ball

10 Benefits Of Using a Yoga Ball

How to keep your body active even if you are sitting and not moving? Well, either you are working in front of a computer or performing a laying fly dumbbell exercise, yoga ball is the perfect option for you to trigger more implication from your muscles, and make them more powerful. Here are ten benefits of using a yoga ball that will motivate you to have one, and make your body better each day.

1. Straightens up posture

A Swiss ball is an unstable platform that constantly changes its position. Thus, it requires muscular movements for adjusting the balance. When your body tries to find the balance, it automatically focuses on achieving a straight spinal alignment. In this way, if you use the yoga ball every day, over time, your posture will straighten up, and you will be able to maintain it for longer, due to the more powerful back muscles.

2. Triggers movement

If you work in an office, you know that sitting all day on a chair is even worse than walking on a country road in high heel shoes. Lack of movement destroys your body, weakens the muscles, and spoils your posture. A yoga ball, though makes your body move always, to keep the balance, which in the end saves you from muscular atrophy.

3. Improves balance

As you try to make your body stay straight, a good pressure goes to the muscles that responsible for maintaining the balance, in particular, abdominal muscles. Their daily training helps you keep your balance better while skating, riding a bike, climbing, playing tennis, basketball, and other activities.

4. Strengthens core body muscles

Many experts recommend using a yoga ball as a surface for working out, due to its unstable nature that enrolls a multitude of other muscles during an exercise. Working out on hard surfaces engages only the target muscles, while if you choose push-up or curl-up exercise ball workouts, you activate the core body muscles - the abs and the back muscles, which act as stabilizers, and prevent injuries.

Yoga Ball Training

5. Burns calories

If 100 sit-ups burn 20 calories, 100 sit-ups on an exercise ball burn twice as much. Working out on a yoga ball requires more energy consumption, due to plenty of muscles that activate for carrying out an exercise. When you use a yoga ball instead of an office chair, you will end up with 300 extra calories burnt during 8 hours of typing and doing paperwork.

6. Supplies with energy

Either sitting in front of the office computer or performing exercise ball workouts, yoga ball invigorates your body by putting in action all muscles. Your body revives from a lethargic state and gets a boost of energy that makes you more alert and active.

7. Eases back pain

Since yoga ball helps you keep your back straight up, it reduces back pain and discomfort in the spinal area and shoulders, caused by slouching and hunching. The constant movement of the body in the search for a balanced position also alleviates back pain, by removing the pressure.

8. Affordable

The exercise ball is highly cost-effective, allowing you to work out your body at a relatively low price. It is cheaper than ordinary gym equipment, and activates, at the same time, a wider range of muscles. For 50$ you get an excellent device for boosting your abdominal and back muscles.

9. Improves circulation

Yoga ball has a role in triggering a better blood circulation. It reaches to tired muscles that regularly are not as much implied in daily activities. Also, when you sit all day on a chair, your body gets numb, but with a yoga ball, it performs balancing moves, and bounces up, which helps blood rush through the body unstoppably.

10. Allows to work out everywhere

You don't need a professional gym to do exercises with this ball. You can get your body in shape everywhere, from your home to the office, and park. Yoga ball doesn't require installation, and it is lightweight, allowing you to move it around, and position it the way you like, for a more comfortable workout.

On the whole, an exercise ball is an inexpensive, ultra-functional working out equipment that works wonders with your body. It keeps your muscles fit, and healthy improves your posture and eliminates back pain. If you consider buying a yoga ball, do it on Almitafitness.com. The online shop comes with a wide range of fitness equipment, and the best Swiss balls that vary in size, and colour.

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