Home Gym Essentials – Minimum Space, Maximum Benefits

Home Gym Essentials – Minimum Space, Maximum Benefits

Over the last several years, there has been a distinct increase in the number of people choose to create gyms in their homes and garages. Having a home gym is not only beneficial for financial reasons, it’s also beneficial for when time is a factor. Training at home can save more than an hour per training session, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. The main issue with home gyms however, is the lack of space. Some of us are fortunate enough to have large empty spaces in our homes or garages, which allow for multiple pieces of equipment. Most people however, are not blessed with heaps of space so when creating a home workout area, they need to utilize what little space they have to its full potential. The good news is that thanks to companies such as Almitafitness.com, there are pieces of affordable home gym equipment that take up virtually no space at all. Here’s a look at a few home gym essentials which do not take up much space.


 A jump rope – First and foremost, when it comes to working out at home, if you’re looking to burn fat and work on your endurance and mobility in the process, using a jump rope is considered highly beneficial. Jump ropes provide users with numerous health and fitness benefits, with many of said benefits being directly linked to cardiovascular health and condition. Jumping rope boosts the heart rate, it burns calories, it works on your balance and coordination, and best of all, jump ropes themselves take up virtually no space at all. Providing you have a fairly-open space in your home gym where you can swing the rope without having it hit the ceiling, walls, or anything else, be sure to pick up a decent jump rope and include it as part of your home workout area.

 weighted jump rope

 Adjustable dumbbells – In a perfect world your home gym would have enough space for you to install a large dumbbell rack and fill it with a complete set of dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 pounds to 100 pounds. Unfortunately, most home workout areas don’t allow for that kind of space, so where does that leave you? Well, that’s where adjustable dumbbells prove to be so useful. Adjustable dumbbells are specially designed to serve as several different weights of dumbbells in one. The user simply turns a dial or moves a pin to select their chosen weight and the dumbbell is then good to go. There are plenty of different adjustable dumbbells out there, all available in different weights. If space is an issue however, these dumbbells are well worth investing in.

Water Dumbbells

 A yoga mat – Another very simple but effective piece of kit that most home gyms are sadly lacking, is the humble yoga mat. You don’t need to perform yoga to benefit from a yoga mat, as the mat is basically placed on the ground where it will help to support and protect your back, knees, and other parts of your anatomy when you perform a series of exercises like crunches, lunges, push ups, leg raises, burpees, and more. The mats also protect the floor and stop you from dripping sweat everywhere. Again, sites like Almitafitness.com stock a wide range of yoga mats of various thicknesses, so be sure to do your research and find the right one for your floor and home gym setup.

Yoga Mat

 Resistance bands – Resistance bands are another staple home gym essential that many people seem to overlook. The great thing about resistance bands is the fact that they take up virtually no room at all and can be used anywhere. Resistance bands are designed to basically be used in place of free weights. They provide resistance, with the added bonus of being better for the joints and taking up less room. Resistance bands come in different thicknesses and therefore provide different levels of resistance. They can be attached to doorframes, you can stand on them, and they can be attached to a whole variety of other sturdy surfaces to provide a resistance-based workout that is great for the joints and takes up far less space.

Resistance Bands

 Ab roller – Finally, if you are looking to really shape and tone the abs, an ab wheel roller is by far one of the most effective purchases you can make for your home gym. Ab rollers are designed to work your core abdominal muscles in a simple and effective manner. Ab roller wheels offer dual stability so you can target your abs without having to worry about slipping and losing your grip as you go. They are also designed to offer maximum levels of protection for the floor, so if you do not happen to have a mat your floor will still remain in perfect condition.

Ab Roller - Abdominal Roller


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