Dumbbell Thick Grips

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Dumbbell Thick Grips

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The dumbbell thick grips are very helpful if you are involved in weightlifting. It is made out of silicone which is very gentle to your hands. The anti-slip protection
pad allows you to pull up weight without exposing your hands to injury. In some
cases, you may have to lift heavy weights where you are subjected to risk of weight slippage. You can lift the weight with ease after you apply the thick grips. They are every easy to use.

They are highly versatile. You can apply them when lifting weight, dumbbells, barbells, pulling bars, cable attachments among other applications where they play a great role in preventing injury. You will achieve great success in reducing calluses and pain on your hands after you apply the thick grips. It is also effective in distributing pressure on your hands hence it will avoid joint pains associated with too much pressure.

Use of silicone to make them ensures your hands are not exposed to any allergic reactions.

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