Cycling Touch Screen Gloves For Men

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Cycling Touch Screen Gloves For Men

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These Cycling Touch Screen Gloves For Men will give you a comfortable experience of riding your bike, or climbing. They are extremely flexible, which allows you to move your fingers in all directions, and grasp confidently objects, without feeling any difficulty and constraint. The gloves are incredibly easy to wear and remove, given the velcro fastener that also helps you adjust them to your size.

Cycling Touch Screen

The material is breathable, and absorbs the water by diffusing it on a larger surface and speeding up the evaporation. Thus, you can forget about being bothered by excess sweating while doing sport. Also, the anti-slip material prevents slippage, which is important when taking firm grips.

These Cycling Touch Screen Gloves For Men are smooth, cushioning the impacts, and helping you to not feel pain and avoid injuries. In addition, these wonderful gloves have touch screen finger tips that allow you manipulate the display of your mobile phone even when you wear them.

Sport Type:Cycling


 Type:Full Finger


 Size: M / L / XL

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