Wearable Headphones - Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headphone

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Wearable Headphones - Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headphone

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This Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headphone allows you monitor your lifestyle and take care of your health. The detachable headphones help you speak on the phone without using your hands while driving.

Wearable Headphones

The high quality sound provided by the receiver allows you speak calmly on the phone and listen to music while traveling or working out. The Wearable Headphones have a digital screen with a lot of functions that measure and monitor your health and body performance. By wearing this bracelet, you get the chance to see your heart rate and number of steps you take daily, as well as enjoy an additional sedentary reminder, which warns when your body does not move enough.

In addition, the bracelet allows you count the calories you burn, which helps you be in charge of your fitness goals. Another function that gives you a better control over your health is sleep monitoring. Thus, you can rest assured you get enough sleep over night and give your body complete restoration for the next day.


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