3 Meters Jump Rope For Crossfit

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3 Meters Jump Rope For Crossfit

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Product Description

The 3 meters jump rope for cross fit is made out of light weight steel cable. The cable is highly durable so that you can perform different exercises without any fear of wear and tear. High speed skip rope allows you to work out different parts of your body. The length is adjustable hence making it easy for people of different heights to use it.

Benefits of buying the 3 meters jump rope for cross fit


It is lightweight allowing you to carry it to different locations where you would like to work out. Even when traveling, it can be your great companion.


The steel cable is covered with PVC assuring you great comfort when working out. Speed, performance and reliability are assured upon buying the steel cable.

Maximum rotations per second

You can rotate it as many times as possible per second so that you can achieve the effects of your workout.

Allows you to work out from anywhere

The rope skipping is among the best cardio vascular excises you can carry out. The rope allows you to easily workout from any location. It is ideal for different workouts such as toning muscles, losing weight and building muscles.

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