Adjustable Heavy Hand Grip Trainer

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Adjustable Heavy Hand Grip Trainer

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Product Description

Adjustable Heavy Hand Grip Trainer

The adjustable heavy hand grip trainer is designed to allow you exercise the wrists, forearm and hands. The resistance produced can go as high as 40 kg making it an ideal tool you need to increase the strength of your hand muscles. The simple design allows for single hand power grip hence allowing you to work each hand. Some of the benefits you enjoy upon buying the adjustable hand grip trainer include the following:

Sturdy and robust design

The design is robust so that you can use the tool for long without worry of it breaking. Your workout sessions are made fun due to the simple and effective design.

Adjustable tension

The grip trainer allows varying the tension from 10 kg to 40 kg as you work out making it highly versatile. Different people with varying muscle power can apply it.

Portable design

The tool can be carried to different locations hence allowing you to exercise anywhere.
It can be applied in offices, by sports enthusiasts or even by the elderly.

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