Ankle Resistance Bands - Ankle Cuffs

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Ankle Resistance Bands - Ankle Cuffs

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Ankle Resistance Bands

These Ankle Resistance Bands help perform exercises at cable systems in safety. The bands are highly versatile, allowing you to use them in various types of workouts, including: leg curls, and hip abductors. They are made of sturdy materials that provide great resistance to big weights, and help perform exercises safely, reducing the risk of accidents, and injuries.

Ankle Cuffs

The Ankle Cuffs are simple to wear, and are extremely comfortable, being soft and foamed. The high quality nylon strap allows to adjust the device to your ankle, making possible for you to tighten, or loosen it for your convenience, and depending on the weights you use.

This is highly easy to do, given the hook-and-pull fastener that fastens the device in seconds. In this way, taking off the bands from the ankle becomes also an effortless task. Additional resistance is provided by the D welded ring that connects to the cable system. The heavy metal ring is extremely durable, preventing injuries while workout.

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