Body Fat Analyzer - BMI Tester

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Body Fat Analyzer - BMI Tester

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The Body Fat Analyzer - BMI Tester allows you to easily take measurements of your body BMI. You can as well take measurements of your calorie intake among other health parameters. It is a hand held device hence easy to use. Clear LCD display allows you to take measurements as you work out. You will have to input your weight, gender, age among other parameters and the device will automatically calculate your BMI.

It is a versatile device which you can apply in your family to calculate different readings of your family members. An increase in body fat can be easily captured through application of the device. To stay healthy, you need to take measurements of different parameters in your body. The device can display the readings very fast.

Within 6 seconds you can access the profile of a person. Some of the body measurements you can take include body shape, heart beat and basic metabolic rate.

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