Hand and Finger Strengthener

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Hand and Finger Strengthener

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The perfect device to strengthen your fingers and hand to prevent overuse, wear/tear symptoms and pain. This device is light weight and convenient to bring and do everywhere, at the office, on the bus, or at home. It is important to protect your hands, wrist and elbow joints by improving the endurance of your hand and fingers. With this device it exerts a well-balanced force of 3 to 5 pounds to individual fingers that mimic the right amount of strength your fingers and hand needs for everyday activities.

This exercise device allows you to work on the extensor muscles of your hand and arm which are often neglected in an easy to do way. It provides a perfect balance to normal activities whether it be chores, cooking, or typing at work which we predominantly use our flexor muscles and tendons more.

Available in different colors. You can purchase and use multiple bands whether to extra strength training by adding more than 3 to 5 pounds per band or work on both hands simultaneously. Stop neglecting one of the most important parts of your body. Train your hands with this finger and strengthening device.

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