Curren Watch - Curren Military Sport Luxury Watch

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Curren Watch - Curren Military Sport Luxury Watch

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Curren Watch

This feature-rich Curren Watch provides to you a myriad of functions to allow you perceive the time in a new way. Besides typical bezel and digits, the watch has other windows on the display that help you manage your time with precision. You have a chronograph that you can use while you work out, and a calendar window which helps you not forget about important meetings.

Current Military Sport Luxury Watch

The band of the watch is made of high-quality genuine leather that is resistant against scratches and temperature shocks. Also, the leather is soft at touch, allowing for a comfortable wearing.

The Curren Military Sport Luxury Watch has an extremely durable case that can withstand bangs and drops. The watch is completely waterproof, allowing you to wear it when it rains outside or when you workout and sweat. Also, the watch is available in a variety of colors which gives you the chance to choose what fits your outfit most.

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