Football Kick Trainer -  Soccer Training

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Football Kick Trainer - Soccer Training

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This Football Kick Trainer will help you improve your soccer skills. The accessory is designed for cases when you have no partner to practice with. It has a cord that wraps around your back and is bound through a strap to a glove that keeps the ball from running away. Thus, you do not have chase the ball when performing a long shot, which prevents you from wasting vital energy.

Train Your Soccer Kick

The cord is adjustable and elastic and is super easy to wear. You can adjust it to the size of your waist, which will give you much comfort while moving. Moreover, the cord is padded with soft fabric that is designed to protect your back from the pressure that appears while kicking the ball. The elastic strap is durable and highly resilient, resisting powerful shots. Such a flexible strap allows you to practice your ball control skills and speed of your reaction.

You can work on many elements during your Soccer Training using this device, including kick-ups and goalkeeper saves.

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