FREE Compression Arm Sleeves - Arm Support Pad

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FREE Compression Arm Sleeves - Arm Support Pad

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Compression Arm Sleeves - Arm Support Pad provides pain relief and muscle relaxation for easing your effort while doing sport. In case you injured your arm, the sleeve's compression will reduce swellings, and make it feel less painful while in action. If your muscles are tired, this therapy tool will provide them with new strengths, through an increase in the blood circulation.

You will, also have a training free of risks, given the safety enhancing arm pad that supports the joints, and muscles while performing swift moves in tennis and basketball or stretching in various types of sport.

Compression Arm Sleeves is lightweight and does not create discomfort, or impede free movement of the arm and forearm. Since it is made of light materials, your skin will breath and be highly protected from sun heat, excess light, and rain water. You will be able to work out in any weather. If you worry that it could fall off your arm, you do not have to, as this arm sleeve has at the top side, near the shoulder, a rubber band that keeps it fixed, and prevents it from slippage.

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