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These exercise blocks will help you shape your body, and increase your flexibility. If you are a yoga beginner , you may not be flexible enough to complete some exercises entirely. When you try doing so, tension and pain can appear in parts of the body, causing injuries.

These practical Pilates and Yoga blocks come to help perform actions, by acting as a stretching aid, allowing to adjust, gradually, your body flexibility in time. You will not encounter difficulties carrying these bricks, as they are lightweight, being made of foam. At the same time, they are tough enough to bear the pressure of your body weight, when you use your head, back, hand or leg to lean against for support. Intensive training with these devices will also help you losing weight.

In addition, you can use these blocks for restorative yoga. Use them for finding a comfortable, rest position, in which you can meditate, and restore your strengths from a hard working day.

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