Mini Golf Kit For The Toilet

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Mini Golf Kit For The Toilet

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Mini Golf Kit For The Toilet

Mini Golf Kit For The Toilet If you get bored while going to the toilet, this Mini Golf Kit for the Toilet will entertain you. The kit imitates the real golf course greatly, allowing you to immerse totally in the game. The miniature grass carpet is flawlessly flat, providing a perfect playing surface and a smooth glide of the ball.

The ball replicates in detail the real golf ball, making you feel like you play the actual game. The kit has two balls, which rids you the necessity to travel around the bathroom to pick up the ball that rolled off the golf course. The putter is easy to handle and convenient enough to hold it while sitting on the toilet seat.

Also, the putter regulates under the needed height, allowing you to take a comfortable position. Mini Golf Kit for the Toilet is portable and easy to assemble, taking just seconds for you to prepare the field for an entertaining golf practice on your trip to the toilet.

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