Posture Support Brace - Clavicle Brace

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Posture Support Brace - Clavicle Brace

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This Posture Support Brace comes to help you develop a confident, and straight posture, by eliminating fast, and efficiently hunching, slouching, and other posture problems. The device is easy to wear, and lightweight, which prevents additional pressure on the back. A system of braces wraps your back, shoulders, and chest, supporting your upper body, helping it get a vertical position. You can adjust the device to the size of your chest, using the buckles, belts, and velcros, which provide a wonderful correction force.

Posture Support Brace

All buckles, and belts are highly durable, allowing to resist against pressures. Not only for back can be the device used, but also as a clavicle brace for supporting the clavicle after an injury. You will experience maximum pleasure when wearing this posture support brace, as it has a soft back leather pad, and a shoulder pad for providing comfort in the shoulder zone. The corrector allows, also your skin breath, given the uniformly perforated design.

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