Push Up Board And Trainer

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Push Up Board And Trainer

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Push Up Board And Trainer

This push up board and trainer provides a complex core body workout. The device is designed to allow you to train each group of upper body muscles, which include: triceps, shoulders, back, and chest. The board comes with two handles that are padded with foam for a convenient grip.

The handles are non-slip, which prevents you from injuries and sliding of your sweating hands during push up sets. The positions for each type of muscles are marked in different colors to allow you find quickly the one you need. The handle fits in the position easily, which helps you avoid the hassle of assembly.

Also, you will find it a breeze to remove the handles and place them in another position for training another group of muscles. The push up board and trainer is lightweight and portable, which makes it possible for you to work out anywhere you want, from house, to office, and park. The device requires little space for storage, allowing you hide it in any corner of your house, after finishing the push up session.

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