Speed Resistance Training - Sprint Parachute

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Speed Resistance Training - Sprint Parachute

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Speed Resistance Training

If you lack speed and power, while playing soccer or cycling, this Sprint Parachute will help you improve them both. The parachute design satisfies the principles of aerodinamics which makes it generate high resistance, forcing your body to put more efforts into overcoming the created additional obstacle.

Sprint Parachute

In this way, you develop stronger muscles, and improve your explosive power. The parachute increases in size as you move faster, which means that the faster you run, the bigger resistance you face. Thus, during this speed resistance training you increase your speed and your stamina, which are essential features in any kind of sport. Although it can get really imposing in size, this sprint parachute is extremely compact and portable.

This allows you to pack and unpack it easily, and get it with you on the soccer field or in the park. Also, the device attaches to the body through a simple meachanism that allows you adjust it to the size of your waist, and feel comfortable during your resistance training.

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