Spiky Massage Ball

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Spiky Massage Ball

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This playful device will help you relieve pain and relax your muscles. You will get a pleasant deep tissue massage that reaches the tightest muscle knots, and looses them to provide a godly feeling of release and satisfaction. Spiky Massage Ball rolls away the painful knots that you got after an intensive training or much work. As you got home, you can get the device, place it under a troubling muscle, and lean your body against it, to get a deep reach inside tissues.

Such ultra effective exercises remove pain in muscles, and ensure a maximum recovery, providing a strong surge of energy and power. The highly durable, spiky surface is what will make your tissues revitalized and extremely relaxed, with the rolling motions that relieve pressure, and add vigour to the muscles.

The massage ball improves blood circulation, ensuring a big flow of nutrients and oxygen to your tired muscles. The device is lightweight and extremely easy to handle. You just need a wall or a floor, and start doing relaxing and enjoyable exercises that remove pain and get your body quickly in shape.

Item specifics

  • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Size: 6CM 8CM
  • Material: PVC
  • Color:: Yellow, Red, Light Green, Green
  • Size:: 6cm, 8cm

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