Weightlifting Arm Blaster - Bodybuilding Bomber

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Weightlifting Arm Blaster - Bodybuilding Bomber

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This ultra-functional Weightlifting Arm Blaster will help your muscles grow faster, and get a wonderful shape. When you work out your biceps it is important to keep the arm isolated for preventing the implication of other muscles that would reduce the pressure on the biceps. It happens often when reaching the last lifts, that your arm gets tired and you start including your back for finishing the set.

Weightlifting Arm Blaster

To keep the effort completely concentrated on the biceps, you need a bodybuilding bomber that would keep the arm in a fixed position. This high-quality bicep bomber has an ergonomic curved design that fits perfectly your body.

Bodybuilding Bomber

The areas designed for the arms are soft to bring comfort to the skin, and non-slip to ensure a complete isolation of the arm. The device is made of heavy-duty aluminium alloy that prevents cracks, and bending that helps you avoid accidents, and injuries during training. In addition, the device has a durable belt that adjusts to the size of the body, allowing for a comfortable workout.


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